Community Green

Using a set of twelve portraits and interviews based on lived experiences, “Community Green” explores people’s connections to urban green spaces in East London. This work roughly follows the River Lea from Cody Dock to Walthamstow Wetlands; meeting old and new friends, and strangers along the way, and having varied, engaging conversations.
I spoke to many people about both their connections to East London’s green space and their opinions of its over-development, especially for unaffordable housing.

This is subjective and biased documentary work - I approached it with my own opinions on the over-development of green space in East London and made these clear to the people I met and photographed.

Further inspirations came from Helen Ilus’ “Greenground Map”, the “Nature is a Human Right” campaign, founded by Ellen Miles, and a Design Council report on the relationship between urban green space, inequality, ethnicity, health and well-being. 

All images copyright © George Steedman Jones 2023. All rights reserved. 
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