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When I’m not behind the camera for clients I can be found working on a variety of self-lead creative projects. Click on an image below to find out more. 


A gallery of wonderful people who I’ve been lucky enough to meet, from artists and ecologists to actors and educators. 

I prefer to create portraits in natural environments or spaces personal to the person who I’m photographing. This often helps people to feel comfortable to be themselves and forms a better connection between myself, the camera and the subject. 

Nature and Conservation

When I’m not working on creative projects or client briefs I enjoy taking photographs of nature and conservation.

Studying a BA in Marine & Natural History Photography has taught me valuable skills in understanding academic literature and translating it for a range of audiences.

Despite a lack of formal scientific education, I try to use my photos to educate and inform.
It’s important to make science communication accessible; as environmental photographers we must lead the way in effective visual documentation of nature and the issues affecting it.

Since the late summer of 2022, I have been making collaborative photo work at Loveland Community Field. Covering eight acres in Penryn, Cornwall, Loveland is a beautiful space where people come together to work the land, create art, grow and eat good food.

The field is leased by the Falmouth Food Co-Operative.

Stand for the Stones

Stand for the Stones is a body of work exploring the modern-day continuation of the decades-long battle against the proposed tunnel and infrastructure works in the Stonehenge area. Created using Polaroid colour 600 film and expired 35mm film for two reasons: to pay homage to the road protest photographers of the 1990s; and to build a bond of trust and involve the occupants of the Stonehenge Heritage Action Camp in the photographic process.  

The images shown here have been taken during three separate visits to the stonehenge camp. This site has been established as a beautiful community space that serves many functions, including hosting gatherings, festivals, talks and workshops.

Community Green

Using a set of twelve portraits and interviews based on lived experiences “Community Green” explores people’s connections to urban green spaces in East London. This work roughly follows the River Lea from Cody Dock to Walthamstow Wetlands. Meeting old and new friends and strangers along the way, and having varied, engaging conversations.

I spoke to many people about both their connections to East London’s green space and their opinions of its over-development, especially for unaffordable housing.

This is subjective and biased documentary work - I approached it with my own opinions on the over-development of green space in East London and made these clear to the people I met and photographed. 

Seasons of Discontent

Seasons of Discontent is a short series created from two years of photographing protests in Cornwall against global climate inaction, the curtailing of protest rights and the threat to free movement for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities.

These images were made with a second-hand Canon SLR camera and 35mm film. The negatives have been permanently scratched to hide the identities of those who did not give their express permission to be photographed.

The series is accompanied by the poem “Pessimism is for Lightweights“ by  Salena Godden, with kind permission from the author

“Kosel” is a Cornish word meaning calm. This work tells a semi-fictional visual story of a peaceful spring evening sail down the Penryn River. As we sail, we gain a sense of the slower pace of life often afforded to those who choose to live alternatively.

Fallen Feathers

As a child I was often told that feathers falling from the sky are ‘angel kisses’; a sign that someone, a loved one who’s passed away, is up there watching over us.
I have always been open to talking about death. It’s part of the world’s natural rhythms. Through this project, my hope is that by connecting a bird’s feather to words about personal grief and loss, more people can open up about the deaths that have affected them. Together, we can take part in a collaborative conversation around the many paths we tread; both in this life and beyond.

The work weaves raw emotion with tangible symbols of life. Images of feathers are made using a flatbed scanner and an image editing programme.

It portrays feathers as gentle symbols of remembrance, renewal and rebirth.

Statement of Ethics

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