Seasons of Discontent

A short series created from two years of photographing protests in Cornwall against global climate inaction,  the curtailing of protest rights and the threat to free movement for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.

Photographs have been taken with a second-hand Canon SLR camera and 35mm film. The negatives have been permanently scratched to hide the identities of those who have not given their express permission to be photographed.

Published images can be helpful to a cause, but they can also be used to track down, profile and arrest those involved in peaceful and legal protest. As per my ethics statement I refuse to actively assist in this process. 

“Think of those that marched this road before
 And those that will march here in years to come
 The road in shadow and the road in the sun
 The road before us and the road all done
History is watching us and what will we become

This road is all flags and milestones
Immigrant blood and sweat and tears
Built this city, built this country
Made this road last all these years

This road is made of protest
And those not permitted to vote
And those that are still fighting to speak
With a boot stamping on their throat

There is power and strength in optimism
To have faith and to stay true to you
Because if you can look in the mirror
And have belief and promise you
Will share wonder in living things
Beauty, dreams, books and art
Love your neighbour and be kind
And have an open heart

Then you’re already winning at living
You speak up, you show up and stand tall
It’s silence that is complicit
It's apathy that hurts us all

Pessimism is for lightweights
There is no straight white line
It’s the bumps and curves and obstacles
That make this road yours and mine

Pessimism is for lightweights
This road was never easy and straight
And living is all about living alive and lively
And love will conquer hate”

‘Pessimism is for Lightweights’ by Salena Godden. Permission kindly given by the author

All images copyright © George Steedman Jones 2023. All rights reserved. 
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