Beachcombing is a pastime where people search, or ‘comb’ the beach and intertidal zone for intersting or useful objects. “Beachcombers” is a simple visual study of how the objects we find while on the beach are an indicator of the rise in environmentally damaging industries and the negative impacts of the anthropocene.

50.1479° N, 5.0567° W
Common Limpet shells found on Castle Beach, Falmouth

50.1443° N, 5.0681° W
Ray egg cases found on Gylly Beach, Falmouth

50.1553° N, 5.0683° W
Sea-glass found on Skye Beach, Falmouth

50.1674° N, 5.0979° W
Fishing rope found on Muddy Beach, Penryn

50.5426° N, 4.9993° W
Bottle caps found on Harlyn Bay Beach, Harlyn 

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